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Keraton Kasepuhan

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Kasepuhan which is about 10 minutes from the hotel. Kasepuhan is the grandest and most well preserved palace in Cirebon. Meaning in every corner of the palace architecture is also the most famous historic. The front page of the palace is surrounded by red brick walls and there is a pavilion therein.

Kesepuhan around the palace there is a mosque that became one of the icons Cirebon, the Great Mosque of Cirebon that distance is of course the same as Kasepuhan, 10 minutes from the hotel. Great Mosque of Cirebon is a mosque located in the complex Kasepuhan, Cirebon, West Java, Indonesia. That said, this mosque is the oldest mosque in Cirebon, which was built around 1480 AD, or during the Wali Songo spread Islam in Java. This mosque name is taken from the word "the" meaningful grandeur, "copyright" which means built, and "sense" meaning use