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Exploring the City of Wali Sanga with legendary historical and traditional foods to be a tourist attraction as well as become a central business in 3 region areas like Kuningan, Indramayu and Majalengka.

metland-cirebon-Keraton Kesepuhan


Keraton Kasepuhan which is about 10 minutes from the hotel. Kasepuhan is the grandest and most well preserved palace in Cirebon. Meaning in every corner of the palace architecture is also the most famous historic. The front page of the palace is surrounded by red brick walls and there is a pavilion therein.

Kesepuhan around the palace there is a mosque that became one of the icons Cirebon, the Great Mosque of Cirebon that distance is of course the same as Kasepuhan, 10 minutes from the hotel. Great Mosque of Cirebon is a mosque located in the complex Kasepuhan, Cirebon, West Java, Indonesia. That said, this mosque is the oldest mosque in Cirebon, which was built around 1480 AD, or during the Wali Songo spread Islam in Java. This mosque name is taken from the word "the" meaningful grandeur, "copyright" which means built, and "sense" meaning use. click more

metland-cirebon-Tomb Sunan Gunung Jati


Tomb Sunan Gunung Jati, which is located about 15 minutes from Metland Hotel Cirebon. The tomb consists of nine levels, and at the ninth level of Sunan Gunung Jati buried here. While the eighth level down is the tomb of the family and descendants, both descendants of Kraton Kraton Kanoman or descendants of Kasepuhan. In this cemetery are malela sand originating from Mecca brought directly by Prince Cakrabuana, son of Maharaja Sri Baduga Siliwangi King of the Kingdom of Padjadjaran. click more

metland-cirebon-Batik Trusmi Village


One of the icons of the National BatikBatik Cirebon Trusmi which only takes about 30 minutes to get there from Metland Hotel Cirebon. Where Trusmi Batik Cirebon batik village is located in Cirebon Plered. click more

metland-cirebon-Sunyaragi Cave


Sunyaragi cave, which is about 15 minutes from the hotel Metland Cirebon. Sunyaragi cave is a cave located in the village Sunyaragi, Kesambi, Cirebon where there is a temple-like building called cave Sunyaragi, or Sunyaragi Water Park, often called as Castle Sunyaragi. The name "Sunyaragi" comes from the word "sunya" which means it is quiet and "leaven" which means the body, both Sanskrit. click more

metland-cirebon-Rumah Kerang


Cirebon Tourism & Souvenirs - Rumah Kerang transformed scattered Shellfish or some other marine animals on the beach into very beautiful and valuable objects and souvenirs, by creative hands in Rumah Kerang Cirebon. Its location is in Astapada Village, Tengah Tani District, Cirebon Regency. Nowdays Rumah Kerang are one of the shopping destinations you shoud visit while in Cirebon. click more



Paralayang or Paragliding is one of the attraction you don't want to missed. Enjoy the charming natural beauty form the air while flying with a parachute.

Don't worry about the safety as you will be flying tandem with the professional instructor as well as your guide. click more

metland-cirebon-Karang Song Beach


Karangsong eco tourism located in northern coastline of Indramayu, less than 2 hours from Cirebon.

Feels  the existence of a mangrove conservation area in the form of mangrove forest,  inhabited by different of animals, where the birds live comfortable there. click more

metland-cirebon-Telaga Nilem


Nilem lake / Telaga Nilem located in Gunung Ciremai National Park area and is one of the favorite place for taking selfies in the water. Very Clear and fresh water from the mountain spring where you can capture the beauty of nature within the water, surrounded by lush forests brings unforgettable nature beauty. You can clearly see the bottom of the lake filled with gravel, rocks, moss and algae. click more

metland-cirebon-Wisata Batu Lawang Cirebon


Batu Lawang the hidden nature, it takes about 40 minutes from Cirebon offers amazing surrounding scenery from the top of the cliffs. It's named Batu Lawang as the area is consisting of the cliffs and large natural stones looks like lawang or doors in english. It is also one of the favorite place for rock climbing activity surround by nature. click more